Balancing light, privacy and view

PerfectSheer shades provides the perfect solution for the control of light, privacy and view. With innovative three layered soft shades you can progressively change the opacity of the shade, transitioning from sheer to light filtering or room darkening, all at the simple pull of a cord.


PerfectSheer’s design incorporates two layers of sheer drapery connected by a soft light filtering or room darkening fabric vane. This creates a luxurious soft window covering with the combined versatility of a venetian blind and roller shade… Offering the best of both worlds all in one shade.

Superior Closure

PerfectSheer’s unique design and innovative operating system offers the snuggest vane closure of any product in its category, providing homeowners the ultimate in privacy and light control.

Light control and privacy options

Pick and choose PerfectSheer’s fabrics to suit your needs. Select light filtering vanes for an ambient glow throughout your home during the day or room darkening vanes for maximum light control and privacy during the night or day. Also you can choose matching aluminium or wood light guards to block unwanted light bleed from around the sides of the shade and a PVC light block at the top of the shade.

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